Dr. Steve Robbins is globally recognized as a dynamic speaker and learning facilitator, able to quickly connect with a wide range of audiences. Known as a powerful storyteller, he draws upon a compelling set of life experiences and deep content knowledge to provide profound insights into human behavior and organizational culture. His innovative approach, resonating style and ability to  simplify the complex is why many organizations seek him out as their "go-to" person for keynotes and workshops. His client list includes Coca-Cola, Disney, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Lululemon, NASA, NBA, Nike, Toyota, US Navy and many others. Contact Dr. Robbins to learn more about how he might be able to assist you and your organization unleash the power of inclusion.

Inclusion Academy

A community of learners dedicated to growing in knowledge and skills in order o unleash the power of inclusion. 

Inclusive History and Heritage Video Series - 64 short videos to celebrate and educate inclusively.

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